Ready-To-Build industrial halls available for rent in the heart of Europe.

HMC Technological Park Vlkanová

DefTech a.s.

• Research and development
• Production of armoured vehicles
• Blasting, paint shop
• Laser cutting, 3D printing, 3D CAD modelling
• Slovakia

KÄRCHER Slovakia, s.r.o.

• Car wash
• Car vacuum cleaner
• Garage

Bodycote Slovakia s.r.o.

• Industrial heat treatment, quenching, carbonization, annealing, vacuum nitriding
• London Stock Exchange listed company

Bodycote Slovakia s.r.o.

• Industrial heat treatment, quenching, carbonization, annealing, vacuum nitriding
• London Stock Exchange listed company

HTMAS s.r.o.

• Construction and maintenance of solar power plants
• Energy infrastructure
• Slovakia

HTEnergy s.r.o.
HMC Invest a.s.

• Asset management and investment company
• Parent holding company
• Slovakia

Polyfunctional object – Patrizia

5 baby halls available for rent (~170 m²)
(administration 50 m² + hall 120 m²)

TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o.

• Audits, management system certifications
• Inspection, certification and other services for industry
• Technical inspection station

HTMAS s.r.o.

• Construction and maintenance of solar power plants
• Energy infrastructure
• Slovakia


• Aluminium die casting
• Italy


• Machining, quality control and assembly
• Italy

ECOstavby OK, s.r.o.

• Manufacture and fabrication of houses and buildings from bent sheet metal profiles
• New innovative system for building construction
• Slovakia


• Aluminium and stainless steel stock, laser cutting, 3D CNC bending

Hanjoo Light Metal Co., Ldt

• Aluminum Counter Pressure Casting technology
• South Korea


• Aluminum Counter Pressure Casting technology
• South Korea

Küster – automobilová technika spol. s r.o.

• Moulding of plastic parts for the production of electric vehicles
• Germany

DELZEN s.r.o.

• Assembly of automotive parts
• France

CEMMAC Beton s.r.o.
HMC Technological park Vlkanová transport accesibility


HMC Technological Park Vlkanová resides between two major cities (Banská Bystrica and Zvolen) right in the middle of Slovakia.
A country which is now well-established mainly in the manufacturing and automotive industries and offers significant amount of workforce within these and many others fields.

HMC Halls with close acces to railways, airports and European highways.


We are only 1 km away from the nearest connection to the European highway system. The nearest airport is 3 km away and available for industrial utilization. Furthermore, the park offers a direct connection to the railroad system right within its premises.

HMC Technological park Vlkanová energy availability for hard industry production


The industrial park offers an electrical connection of up to 15MVA and a medium pressure (100kPa) 3000m³ per hour natural gas connection. Our rooftops are covered with solar panels producing 0.85MW of combined power, with additional 1.5MW under construction. As far as internet connectivity goes, we offer a synchronous optical fiber internet connection with a bandwidth of up to 1Gbps. The park also offers an industrial water well and a water pumping station with a flow rate of 2.5 liters per second. Wastewater from the park is treated in our on-site wastewater treatment plant.

Halls for rent are fully customizable for your needs


The halls can be fully customized to your specific needs.
They can be split into multiple smaller sections, or be completely open space. The hook height of the halls is 8.5m and cranes with 16-ton lift capabilities are ready to be installed.

Park Vlkanová available services


The park‘s environment already offers centralized industrial maintenance, accounting services, legal services, human resources, waste management, common parking, road & greenery maintenance and more. There is also a 24/7 security service and a camera surveillance system.
Technology transfer and engineering assistance is available as well.

Park Vlkanova


HMC Technological Park Vlkanová is fully owned and managed by
HMC Invest a.s. and its subsidiaries. With over 15 years of experience,
it has brought up many projects in the fields of real estate, energy and applied research. Its subsidiaries include HTMAS s.r.o., which provides solar power plant construction and maintenance. HTEnergy s.r.o., which develops power plant data collection software and DefTech a.s., specializing in R&D / manufacture of electronics and armored vehicles.
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Words from our clients

Spengle Carbon s.r.o.

We picked the HMC Technological Park because of it’s excellent accessibility, infrastructure, fair prices and satisfying references. The park is well kept, well equipped and its personnel are always prompt with their problem solving support. We are very satisfied with the park’s location and all of the services that it offers.


We chose HMC’s park in Vlkanová because of its accessibility and its close proximity to the highway. The park’s environment is well kept and periodically maintained. In conclusion, we consider the infrastructure of the park to be on a really high level.

HT SKIT s.r.o.

We came to HMC Technological Park Vlkanová because of all the services that are available. The park’s security, utilities, gardening, cleaning, landline phones, internet and all other services are all centrally managed by HTMAS and it’s been very convenient for us. For us, the greatest benefit is immediate assistance and resolution of any problems that arise in regards to the operation of our plant. We are very satisfied with the park’s infrastructure and its services.

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